• Puerto Vallarta Fishing Ceviche Recipe

    The fishing remains strong here in Puerto Vallarta fishing. Capt. Pete has had many requests for the ceviche recipe we make on the boat DOS AMIGOS Here’s what ya need to get started for 6 people : 1. 1 lb. of white fish: here are a few that can be used – dorados ( AKA mahi- mahi)  red snapper, Spanish mackerel,halibut, flounder, or a combination of 1/2 lb white fish and 1/2 lb of shrimp. 2. 15 limes or  lemons.  I always use limes 3.  cilantro          use the whole bunch ( chopped fine ) 4. 6 tomatos ( med) deseeded 5.  1 red bell pepper,

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Puerto Vallarta Fishing with Captain Pete
Puerto Vallarta Fishing