• Puerto Vallarta fishing report January

    Puerto Vallarta fishing report here for mid-January. The fishing report inshore here for Vallarta has been really steady and producing two weeks of incredible fishing action. There’s been some days that the yellowtail have just literally lit up the water and you could troll,pitch any bait and catch the fish with ease. Close to shore there are still good numbers of Spanish mackerel which in my opinion is one of the best eating fish that we catch here in Puerto Vallarta. Over on the South Shore close there has been really good roosterfish action. The roosterfish is one of the most sought after game fish we fish for.

    fishing in Puerto Vallarta for roosterfish

    Coming up in the next two weeks we can expect the action to hold great to improving right here on the inshore fishing. Fishing conditions will be about the same until we reach the month of March.  March is the month when we start see bait balls for all kinds of bait moving into the bay.  This will happen when the water temperature moves down a few degrees.

    For  the folks that are coming down wanting to catch good eating fish here in Puerto Vallarta we have a good fishing report for them. The mahi-mahi, Spanish mackerel, snapper and yellowtail have shown up and in really good numbers. These kind of fishing trips for the good eating fish can be done in six or eight hours. These fish have been biting mostly on live bait and some of the lures that we have rigged up for trolling.  On the days that we’ve caught him schooling  and you could just about pitch any kind of bait live , dead ,and lures to catch these fish at will. The inshore fishing rates can be seen on the website and are very reasonable.

    dorado fishing in Puerto Vallarta

    The offshore fishing for January has been incredible. We are still having waters with temperatures above 80 degrees for many of our offshore fishing places . For the folks that know Puerto Vallarta fishing then we’ve been going to our usual spots the Marieta Islands, El Morro, Corbetena and for the longer tuna trips El Banco. The best baits for these trips have been live bait once we are on the fishing grounds, high speed lures trolling on the way out and coming back and of course pitch baits that we use for sight casting. If you’re looking for great offshore fishing action and the weather where you live in the winter season is cold then come down to beautiful Puerto Vallarta where the friendliest people in the world live. I will  help you set up any kind of fishing trip that you’re looking for. We specialize in , bottom fishing , inshore, fishing fly fishing and deep sea fishing right here in Puerto Vallarta. Be sure and send us an email vallartafishing@hotmail.com or our toll free number 800 430 6048  before you come down to check the latest conditions and availability.

    puerto vallarta catching sailfish

    Tight lines and hope to see everyone out there on the water

    Captain Pete and Crews

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  • Puerto Vallarta fishing report

    deep sea fishing claendar in puerto vallarta december

    Puerto Vallarta fishing report January

    Puerto Vallarta fishing starting off with a bang here in Mexico for January 2020. We all had a incredible Christmas and fantastic New Year. The fishing in January is starting off right where we left off in December. The bay of Puerto Vallarta is  still having some warm waters and this means great fishing here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta for all kinds of pelagic fish.

    puerto vallarta fishing report january

    We’ve got some of the hard hitting striped Marlin showing up and really good numbers. The good eating mahi-mahi have been here for the last couple of months and have decided to stay as the water is still relatively warm for the winter months. The water is still warm enough to catch some blues and black marlin just have to get out there and look for the thermoclines. The thermoclines is where they are feeding.  We  have the satellite service we use tariffin which works great. This gives us the ability to know exactly where to go before the leaving the dock  and find the hot spots for fishing for our clients.

    If you’re looking for yellowfin tuna and you’re going to need to run out towards the Corbetena and El  Banco. A 10 or 12 hr. trip is best for the big tunas. In the water it’s still warm enough to catch the yellowfin tuna here all along with other pelagic fish that they deep sea fishing trips like to catch offshore fishing. So if you’re looking for the Tunas be sure and check water temperatures before leaving the dock as this will save you a lot of time checking temperatures offshore.

    puerto vallarta fishing report for january
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    For those of you coming down this winter here in January the Bay fishing is just as good as it gets. The yellowtail are still producing a lot of fun and fast action for all the folks fishing here. We’re getting some of those skipjack tuna sometimes boiling on top of the water this is great for the fly fisherman that we’ve been taking out and folks that like to catch fish on the fly. . If you’re looking for fast fishing action we’ve got you covered here in the bay and beautiful Puerto Vallarta where are the friendliest people in the world live.

    One of the great things that Puerto Vallarta has here in the winter or the arrival of the humpback whales. These majestic creatures come down every year late November all the way up to the end of March. They come here to out bay to  have their calves and then the other ones are to make more baby whales. For those of you that don’t know much about the humpback whales thet are around 20 tons and same ones that came here last year will come again the following years have their calves. The calves when they’re born about 3 tons and 12 ft long very beautiful to see playing here in the bay. So if you’re coming out on one of our offshore fishing trips or just staying here in the bay you’ll still have a chance to see these great humpback whales have play.

    Hope to see everyone out there on the water tightlines

    Captain Pete and Crews

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    Puerto Vallarta fishing December 2019. We’re ending the year off with some incredible fishing.  Here are are catching sailfish Marlin, Dorado ,tuna are showing up and really good numbers. This is one of those months what are you going to say I wished I would have been there. The fishing is just that good right now in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. fishing in puerto vallarta december
    If the winter weather is  too cold where you’re at or then fish come on down here in Puerto Vallarta as we have a spectacular weather, (80 deg. today ) incredible fishing all kinds of fish to fish for along with some best whale watching in the world. Right now and we have a couple of different options which are the bay fishing and the offshore fishing going for the big fish. puerto vallarta bay fishing
    The inshore fishing as being producing some Rod bending action with the mahi mahi also known as Dorado they are ranging 10 up to around 25 lb. Mixed in with the mahi-mahi have been schools of Yellowtail  that are so much fun to catch.  Fast action that  will wear you out really quick. Along with these fish we’re seeing some sailfish mixed in some of the other pelagic fish right here in the beautiful Bay of Puerto Vallarta. The Puerto Vallarta deep sea fishing offshore is producing quite a few Marlin. Mostly black marlin and blue marlin ranging from 200 lbs up to 750 lbs.   We fished on the  larger sportfishing boat and went three for four on Marlin this week. There’s been plenty of sailfish out there when the Marlin weren’t biting. These two fish have kept us busy all week long for the offshore fishing and the water temperatures are holding steady around 82 deg. to keep this going. The mahi-mahi have been hitting some of our short lures like black Bart .  This been the call of the day and they’re working well on some of the short lines. We had a huge mahi-mahi that took a Marlin lure this yesterday what a fight.

    Incredible whale video

    As you can see from this Puerto Vallarta fishing report for December we have all kinds of action, the best weather in the Americas and some of the most incredible fishing in the Pacific Ocean. Come down and join us on one of our boats which range from 28 foot up to a hundred foot. You’re looking for the latest fishing report or prices you can shoot us a quick email vallartafishing@hotmail.com  call a toll-free number 800 430 6048  we are  always available.
    Captain Pete and Crews

  • Puerto Vallarta fishing charters July

    Puerto Vallarta fishing charters in July. Before I get started with the July fishing report here in Puerto Vallarta I want to address the question of the weather. I get hundreds and hundreds of calls each month asking about what the weather is going to be in the summer months here in Puerto Vallarta. We are in rainy season during June to October so yes it’s going to rain. Here in the tropics we normally experience rains late afternoon or early evening and during  the days the skies are sunny for fishing. . Along with getting the boats ready for our charters in the morning we are also constantly watching the weather conditions in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We’ve been in business here for over 35 years and have never had an accident or any weather related problems. We appreciate everyone calling and your calls are welcomed.  I just want you know we’ll be keeping an eye on the weather for you for the summer months for any boating activities  you might be doing here while on vacation in one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

    puerto vallarta tuna fishing

    July fishing I started off hot here in Puerto Vallarta. Offshore action is smoking hot. We’re seeing some nice Marlin along with some big cow tuna. Summertime is when the bigger Dorado start showing up offshore. You remember from one of our last report we’re starting to see the trash lines that are created by the light rains we have in the evenings.  We can work these lines  with live bait catching  Dorado and often along with the sailfish that feed on this trash line where two different water temperatures coming together and then blue and off colored Blue Water.

    The Bay fishing here in Puerto Vallarta has been really fantistic for the month of July. Starting to see all kinds of small game feeding on those sardines that have been showing up with this warm weather and warm water. There’s been some of the roosterfish over on the Southside. I put this  in our last fishing report for June that we would be seeing them. The conditions here in July or the inshore fishing have gotten better. We are already starting to see a lots of families wanting to fish and this is perfect for the Bay.   We’ve also had a couple of good days fishing for bottom fishing for snapper and other good eating bottom fish. We’ve seen a few amberjack on the inshore and offshore trips those are always good eating and super fun to catch. The weather conditions remain the same winds and seas have been pretty much flat.  In the afternoon we have been seen a little more wind but with flat seas. Water temperature here in Puerto Vallarta fishing still holding right around 80° which is perfect for the pelagic fish fat we love catching here in Mexico.

    puerto vallarta fishing charters July


    So if you’re looking for some fun, fishing ,snorkeling are just cruising the bay give us a call on our toll-free number 800 430 6048 or shoot us an email  vallartafishing@hotmail.com. We’ll get you out and your family for a fun day.

    Capt. Pete and crews

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  • Puerto Vallarta fishing report April action

    Puerto Vallarta fishing here with Captain Pete reporting some really good action around Sayulita and the area up north. Some of our bigger boats have been doing the longer Charter offshore on the north side of the Bay. We’ve been seeing really good action or striped Marlin and some sailfish.  We are see more and more of sardines and bait fish and showing up in the bay and the surrounding are for some fantastic action.       puerto vallarta fishing report april

    Inside the bay fishing in Puerto Vallarta with  one of our best Captain Freddy reporting great yellowtail action, some Snapper action , California Bonita and some of the really good evening Spanish mackerel.  On most days we are see huge schools report by Capt. Freddy on the super panga action.

    The south side of the bay with Captain Pina reporting some other really great action. There’s been some striped Marlin, couple of Dorado and tons of the yellowtail. From Las Animas all the way out to the point El Faro great action great fishing from the bay out towards  the light house. When the action is hot on the south side of the bay the action can’t be beat.

    Captain Cesar commenting on some good action out by the islands. From the islands we can fishing the El mora . Where there has some good action lots of Yellow Tail some great bottom fishing and some of the bigger Spanish mackerel.  See a few stiped marlin mixed in with the yellowtail.

    shark fishing in puerto vallarta

    The big fish in the large schools and sardines that moved inside the bay and just offshore. This makes him some really good fishing for all kinds of the pelagic fish are in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas. April is a great month to be here fishing and are all kinds of fish for the taking. So if you’re looking for the big trophy fish, big Tuna or just a lot of action come down and join us right here in Puerto Vallarta fishing. If you need information on one of our boats for people  from 2 to 200 give us a call at 1 804-306-0484 the latest fishing report.

    Captain Peter Vines and Crews.

    PS before I don’t think money can buy happiness I’ve never been on one of our fishing charters

  • Puerto Vallarta fishing report March Spring Break

    Puerto Vallarta fishing report March spring break

    Puerto Vallarta fishing report for March. Spring break is here  and the fishing is heating up as a lot of fishermen come here on vacation to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. I want to say a special  thanks all the people that went out with us for the month of February fishing here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We had several groups  fishing from Canada. The other large portion of our folks were coming from the fishing United States. Without these fantistic clients we couldn’t have had the spectular month that we did last year for all of our boats. We had a great month fishing with some nice sailfish, mahi – mahi, huge yellowtails and some striped Marlin/ sailfish.

    spring break puerto vallarta fishing

    March is when we get our normal  trade winds and currents that are good for the  deep sea fishing. This brings in a lot of blue water filled with all kinds of bait these pelagic fish love to eat. The water temperatures did move down a little bit and it’s holding steady at about 78 degrees. This means will still be able to see the striped Marlin but would be surprised to see the blue marlin  and some black action show up with more consistency.

    Puerto Vallarta fishing is having fantistic action and lots of deep sea fishing trips. The humpback whales are still here and will be until April. The fishing areas have been calm and overall the fishing has been great. Puerto Vallarta is still one of the hottest places to fish in Mexico.

    Nuevo Vallarta fishing is as good as it gets. The hard fighting Yellowtail have been showing up in huge numbers. Most days we’ve seen schools up almost 200 to 300  fish tear up the bait balls that arrived with these March trade winds. The playful humpback whales are still out close to Nuevo Vallarta and it’s not surprising to see the mom and the baby calf playing that are close by.marcg fishing in Mexico

    Punta Mita fishing is hot this time of the year. Punta Mita fishing is where we usually see the effects of the great tides and trade winds that come in March as it surrounds us in all kinds of bait for the pelagic fish to eat. Just north of Punta Mita fishing still seeing sailfish and some striped Marlin almost every day. These are really great for your 10-hour fishing trips up to 12 hrs. trips offshore for the big ones.

    The fishing here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico is good to excellent. We’re still waiting to see who the really good numbers and the schooling roosterfish and more sailfish. As the water heats up so will the fishing.

    Hope to see you soon here in Puerto Vallarta fishing in March Spring Break

    Tight lines

    Capt. Pete and crews

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    The fishing here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico is good to excellent. We’re still waiting to see who the really good numbers and the schooling roosterfish and more sailfish. As the water heats up so will the fishing.

    Hope to see you soon here in Puerto Vallarta fishing in March Spring Break

    Tight lines

    Capt. Pete and crews

    Puerto vallarta where the friendliest people in the world live.

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  • Puerto Vallarta fishing Christmas and New Year report

    Christmas has come and gone here in Puerto Vallarta. Want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and certainly a very Happy New Year 2019. Just wanted to take the time to thank each and every one of our clients that went out with this year in the year 2018. We really appreciate the business and we certainly hope to see you back here in Puerto Vallarta where the friendliest people in the world live for the fishing season in 2019.

    Sunrise Puerto Vallarta fishing report

    puerto vallarta fishing sunrise

    The Puerto Vallarta fishing season 2019 will be one of our best years ever and the fish have been really biting here inside the bay and some of the other great locations like El Banco, Corbetena, El Farro and of course El Morro. The sailfish have decided to stick around here for the Christmas season and will do so in January as well. The Dorado action is still holding strong offshore with some of the larger ones being caught outside the bay and here in the bay we’re catching lot of Dorado, Spanish mackerel and some yellowtail. Some of the rooster fish are showing up here inside the bay over on the Southside.   The bay fishing in Puerto Vallarta remains off the charts.

    Kiss a big  fish in Puerto Vallarta

    kiss a fish in puerto vallarta fishing





    The tuna action is still hot out of the Corbetena for one of our offshore fishing trips that we offer here for 10 hours and sometimes a little bit more depending on the action. Along with catching is yellowfin tuna here in Puerto Vallarta there’s a really good chance of some striped Marlin that are showing up in good numbers. There’s still some blue marlin out there swimming the waters and we are catching one every other trip. The offshore action is really looking good for here at the end of the Christmas season and the beginning of the new year 2019. The New Year 2019 here in Puerto Vallarta where the friendliest people in the world live will continue to have great Bay fishing and incredible offshore fish. The water temperature is still  around 78 o t79 degrees in most of the places that we fish year in and year out. We’ve been checking our terrfin charts every day looking and  are  looking for chlorophyll brakes and where the warmer and cooler water meet. This is been generating some really great action for our Anglers. Remember we offer fishing trips for two people up to 200 so if you’re just a single or a large group give us a call at one of our toll-free number.

    Big time Dorado Jump in Puerto Vallarta fishing report

    fishing charters in puerto vallarta

    During our Christmas season now the whales have decided to show up here inside the bay which is great when we’re going offshore and then coming back you’re going to have a great opportunity to see him almost everyday. We do also offer whale watching trips which can be done using around 6 hours and your chances of seeing the whales are 100%. We offer 100% money back guarantee on all of these trips.

    Whale watching Puerto Vallarta


    Come down right now and enjoy some of this unbelievable deep sea fishing Puerto Vallarta action we have the perfect weather around 72 degrees, we have the hot sailfish action, we have mahi-mahi almost on every trip and of course the whales playing here inside her Bay. Give us a call in our toll-free number or shoot us an email. No, paragraph Merry Christmas have to see you’re on the water soon

    Captain Pete and Crews.


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    Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report


  • Puerto Vallarta fishing report December

    puerto vallarta mahi mahi action

    Puerto Vallarta fishing report December. The fishing in November has been incredible and great steady fishing here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. The inshore action and offshore has been some of the best fishing in many years. There have been many Marlin, sailfish, mahi -mahi and tuna caught on these fishing trips.The inshore fishing has been fantastic catching lot of the skipjack tuna, mahi-mahi, and some sailfish right here inside our beautiful bay. The largest in Mexico.  The best bet for these inshore fishing trips here in Puerto Vallarta have been 6 hours .  

    The fishing over on the Southside around Los Arcos and then heading out west towards Yelapa have produced many of the Mahi-Mahi and even some big sailfish. The skipjack tuna, Bonitas, and Spanish mackerel have been holding on the north side of the bay and really good numbers. Once again these Puerto Vallarta fishing trips inside the bay are usually the six hours. These inshore fishing trips are perfect for families and of course people that don’t want to spend all day on a fishing boat. The normal trip starts at around 7 or 7:30 in the morning and continues on up until 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. in the afternoon. The action has been hot and all trips I’ve been very successful.

    puerto vallarta mexico marlin actionpuerto vallarta mahi mahi action

    The offshore fishing trips have been best with 8 and 10 hour trips fishing here in Puerto Vallarta. The best bet has been 10 hours and most of these trips have been out to the rock also known as the Corbetena. The Marlin have been holding strong around the close by  and there are many baits there for the taking for these large fish. The larger mahi-mahi and sailfish or around the same area. Best fishing technique has been catching the large 5 to 10 lb. baits live baiting for them or fishing with our kites. The kite fishing has produced a lot of tuna all the way up to 250 lb. The downriggers with the large baits have been great for the big marlin as well. As you can see the offshore fishing and inshore fishing here in Puerto Vallarta is great and will continue to hold strong through December. On another side note to Humpback whales are showing up in good numbers and we’ll be doing whale watching tours on some of our trips soon. This is great news for the fishing clients that we take out. On the way out and on the way back will have incredible opportunities to see the 20-ton 40 foot incredible mammals playing here in our Waters. If you have any questions about please give us a call. 800 430 6048 

    We’re here to help you and give you advice on what’s best for your fishing needs and family or friends.

    fishing puerto vallarta at sunriseCome out with the pros and see the difference in fishing Puerto Vallarta charters.

    Merry Fishmas

    Captain Pete and crews

  • Puerto Vallarta fishing report November

    The Puerto Vallarta fishing report for November could not be any better. If you ask a hundred deep sea fisherman here in Puerto Vallarta what is the best month to fish all would answer November. The beginning November the rainy season has stopped. The whales will be showing up soon here in Puerto Vallarta Bay. And of course the fishing cannot be beat. We have Marlin coming in god numbers. The sailfish are here and are showing up incredible numbers.. The mahi – mahi fishing is off the charters. You want more you say please read about the hot bay fishing in Puerto Vallarta below.  puerto vallarta tournament fishing trips
    catching sailfish in puerto vallarta

    There are also several tournaments starting in November. The first one is in the middle of the month November 9 th. and 10 th.  for huge mahi- mahi here in Puerto Vallarta fishing. The second international fishing tournament is the 14th to 17 th. and there will be a lot of great prices cars cash boat. The fishing is incredible during this time of the year so be sure and plan to book ahead at least two weeks in advance to get a good boat with our company Puerto Vallarta fishing charters.

    If you’re looking for Bay fishing there’s going to be a lot of Spanish mackerel and of course we catch sailfish, mahi-mahi sometimes in the bay depending on the water conditions. The water has dropped a few degrees in most of the spots. The Bay water is a little bit cooler and that’s why we’re seeing some of the rooster fish and mahi-mahi show up in the bay. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had some incredible fishing and the water. The Puerto Vallarta water temperature is around 82 deg. On some days we had to use our satellite service Terrafin to find the blue water. This is a satellite service that we pay an annual fee for and it will give us a daily picture on where we can find the temperature the current brakes and of course the blue water.  puerto vallarta roosterfish
    If we can help in any way on any tours .fishing whale watching or any advice please feel free to call or toll free number +1-800-430-6048.
    Tight lines

    Captain Pete here in Puerto Vallarta where the friendliest people in the world live


  • Puerto Vallarta fishing report October

    Puerto Vallarta fishing report October. The abundance of sailfish ,Marlin and mahi – mahi have kept us busy fishing here in Puerto Vallarta for big game this month. The offshore action right now for October is off the charts and getting better. The most consistent bite and been around the Corbetena were there has been tuna as well. These trips that we’re doing now offshore are 8 to 10 hours and I’ve had some really great success on all the pelagic fish that were fishing for here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. The black and blue marlin have been hitting the live bait very well and also some of our black Bart larger lures. The crew had one on the other day that was almost 700 lb.

    marlin fishing in Puerto Vallarta
    We have one of our big annual deep sea fishing tournaments coming up in La Cruz Won which is only 30 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. There will be a lot of boats available for this tournament and this is one of the best times to fish here in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas. There should be lots of prizes like automobiles, cash, fishing equipment and many other prizes. If you’re here during October 31st to November 4th this is a great tournament to come and check out or participate in. At this time we have one fishing boat available for this tournament. Send me an email if you’re interested in fishing this incredible tournament that we have every year. vallartafishing@hotmail.compuerto vallarta dorado fishing

    The inshore fishing is still holding super strong as well here in Puerto Vallarta fishing. The Spanish mackerel bite has been really good over by the river Ameca close to Vidanta Hotel and over on the North Shore Skipjacks, some of the smaller mahi-mahi, Snapper and some other small game has been really good fishing. On the South Side there has been some roosterfish, the yellowtail and other small game all along the shores there. Fishing overall for the month of October here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and simply just been off to charts. If you want to come out and have a fun day trip we have several boats that can get you out there and we have larger boats for taking you off shore for some of the big game fishing that is really hot right now.catching sailfish in puerto vallarta
    Come down and enjoy some of those incredible fishing here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico will be looking for you out on the water. Give us a call at our toll free number +1-800-430-6048 for latest Puerto Vallarta fishing report or email vallartafishing@hotmail.com.
    Fishful thinking
    Captain Pete and Crews

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  • Puerto Vallarta fishing October

    Puerto Vallarta fishing October. Get ready for some really fast paced fishing action here in Puerto Vallarta. With one of the biggest tournaments of the year coming up located in La Cruz less than 30 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta fishing. This is the fishing tournament all the pros and the people that love to fish come down to see. There are millions and prizes cars cash trophies and lots of fish to be caught. Marlin. Sailfish. Tuna and  Mahi-mahi.  The dates are October 31 Halloween day to November 4, 2018.  The boats that entered this Puerto Vallarta fishing tournament or the best of the best. October is one of the very best months for fishing with all kinds of fish here.   The fish will be here and we will be waiting to take you out for a fun-filled day fishing.

    puerto vallarta fishing tournament

    Not uncommon to see some of the humpback whale showing up in October. The offshore fishing will be incredible. If you’re looking for a fun time and some great fishing October is a good time to be in Puerto Vallarta. The rainy season stops in the fishing becomes better as the water cools down. This is the time to catch that Mega Marlin that you want it off of your bucket list come down and see what we have to offer.

    One of the best times to catch sailfish and Marlin her in Puerto Vallarta.  This is one of the main reason we have this incredible fishing tournament in October.  The marlin will be thick with a lot of action.  Black and blue Marlin are here for the catching.  There will also be dorado here all month of October. These are one of the best fighting fish we have here in Puerto Vallarta fishing.  The best thing about catching huge dorado is eating them or making some of our award-winning ceviche.


    So come on down and enjoy friendly Puerto Vallarta, great deep sea fishing or just relaxing here where the happiest people on earth live.


    Capt. Peter Vines and crews

    we can take 2 to 200 so call our toll free number 800 430 6048 or email:  vallartafishing@hotmail.com