Puerto Vallarta fishing

Puerto Vallarta fishing

Puerto Vallarta fishing offers incredible fishing all year long. We are now fishing in the month of November which is considered one of our very best months for  fishing  all types of species.  If you are looking for peligic fish this is the best month to fish Puerto Vallarta.
You’re looking for Marlin ,sailfish ,mahi mahi ,and tuna you picked the right time to come down to Puerto Vallarta. For the last couple of weeks we’ve had several deep sea fishing tournaments here in Puerto Vallarta. One of the largest tournaments held here  is the last Los Muertos tournament which we took second place in out of 110 boats.
fishing in puerto vallarta tournament
The sailfish action has been good inshore and offshore. The sailfish is one of the fastest fish in the ocean and is one of the most sought-after fish that we catch for here in Puerto Vallarta. The Fabulous eating mahi-mahi also known as Dorado has been abundant offshore and inshore. The larger mahi mahi coming from offshore fishing where the rod bending action has been off the charts.
 sailfish in puerto vallarta
The Marlin and tuna action incredible and Puerto Vallarta fishing. The best action for the Marlin has been at the Corbetena and the El Banco. When fishing for marlin it’s not uncommon for us to see boiling  schools of tuna. The water  temperatures are staying around 80 to 83 degrees. One of the factors for a lot of people overlook is the water Clarity and the water temperature. For most of the novices they don’t realize tuna, sailfish and Marlin have water temperatures that they like to swim in just as when we take a shower or a bath. So if you’re going offshore and spending big money be sure you’re out with a good company that knows the water temperatures and where the blue water are before they leave the dock. I use fish track for water temps.fishing in puerto vallarta for mahi mahi
The Puerto Vallarta fishing in November for inshore and offshore has just been fantastic to say the least. So if you’re coming down in November or December just shoot us a quick email or call us on our toll-free number for our day today fishing conditions. We are one of the only company in Puerto Vallarta that offer an up-to-date fishing report. I can also tell you the best day to fish by looking at the tide schedule .  Why would you want to take a look at a fishing report from last week or last month when you can get up to the minute conditions by just calling us toll-free.   800 430 6048
Hope to see everybody out there on the water here and beautiful Puerto Vallarta where are the friendliest people in the world live.
Capt. Pete and crews

Puerto Vallarta fishing

Puerto Vallarta fishing had some amazing fishing for September. October is getting off to even better start for fishing in Puerto Vallarta. Last September we were catching all kinds of pelagic fish inside the bay and offshore. There was a really good mix of all kinds of fish. Most of the fish we’re biting live bait and high speed lure and skip bait trolled fast. Live bait action was really good inshore and offshore. We still had a few light rains which really turned the fishing on. The last couple of rains served to give us some really good fishing lines to work out there where the water was a definite color change in temperature break this produced a lot of fish like sailfish, marlin and dorados.

puerto vallarta fishing

The offshore fishing was fantastic out by the El Morrow catching a lot of Dorado, sailfish and some Marlin. Another hot spot Corbetena which in October always produces a lot of marlin , sailfish and mahi mahi. We work some of the thermic lines and this seemed produced fish everyday. If you’re fishing off shore in October here in Puerto Vallarta fishing it’s a great time to be here with lots of fish.

The hottest fishing inshore was catching some of the roosterfish and yellowtail. Mixed in with these guys were some nice snapper caught on Rapala lures. The hottest bite for Puerto Vallarta fishing offshore what is the fast toll skipping baits for Marlin, Sailfish in Dorado. If you’re fishing in Puerto Vallarta for October be ready for lots of action and be sure and bring plenty of live bait.puerto vallarta fishing for mahi-mahi

So if it’s going to be inshore fishing you’ll be having some fun and of course October here in Puerto Vallarta fishing always has great action offshore. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there.

Captain Pete and Crews


p.s. be sure to book before coming down

Puerto Vallarta fishing is really heating up just like the weather. This summer we’ve been having some really great fishing inside the bay on our 28 foot super pangas and our medium sized  Sportfishing boats. Over on the south side of the Bay some of the roosterfish are showing up and pretty good numbers. As you can tell from the photos some of them have been quite large. There’s also been some of the average size Dorado showing up here inside the bay on our short day fishing trips. This is perfect for summertime vacation as we have a lot of families coming down to fish. There’s been really good action in the middle of the bay as well along with the north side catching all kinds of good eating game fish and the occasional sailfish. If you’re looking for family fun or a fun day fishing right here in the bay we’ve got you covered on one of our 28 foot super pangas  all the way up to our big 40 foot sport catching roosterfish in puerto vallarta fishingfisher that can handle up large groups

The offshore fishing that’s really kicked into high gear starting to see some of the bigger Dorado showing up just offshore. These trips are best done on one of our larger boat and require an 8 hour trip. We’re starting to see a few less striped Marlin but some of the bigger Blue Marlin and black marlin or showing up offshore. These trips are best done offshore working some of the thermic lines with the water temperature being around 80 degrees. If we can get that dark blue water around 80 deg. and find the Tunas and dolphin working it’s holy moly time as the fishing will be incredible offshore here in Puerto Vallarta fishing. We like to get out there early and do some high-speed lures. And then when the tide starts the change switch over to our large live baits slow trolling for the summertime fishing right here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. When we get these perfect conditions it’s almost guaranteed Big Tuna and big marlin on every trip. We also see the large mahi-mahi providing some Rod bending action offshore and I mean some of the big ones.

puerto vallarta marlin fishing

So if you’re looking for some fast action Rod bending exhilarating fishing here and Puerto Vallarta fishing summertime is when you want to be here. Great weather 80-degree water lots of sunshine and incredible fishing. What’s not to like about this.

Come down and join us on one of our charters. Be sure and give us a call on our toll-free number for the latest conditions before coming down and to make sure that we have space available for you and your family or group. See you out there on the water

Captain Pete and Crews

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Puerto Vallarta fishing is one of the most exciting watersports that we offer here in Mexico. If you’re coming to Puerto Vallarta to fish your first need to decide on which boat that you should take. The answer to this question is going to be the size of the boat and the number of the people that you have in your group. If you have two to four people one of our 28 foot super panga would be perfect. These are great for the Bay fishing. We also offer 32 foot  Sports Fishers that are up to six people and are great for Bay fishing or even going offshore.  We have 40-foot sports Fishers that are great for Bay fishing for the larger groups or for folks that want to go offshore for the big game hunting. These boats are perfect for 8 people. So I, as you can see what you need to decide on first before looking for Puerto Vallarta fishing, is the size of the boat that you need to rent. Whether it’s from two people all the way up to 500 for a large corporate group we can get you out for a fun day.

Puerto Vallarta fishing boat

Puerto Vallarta fishing

After you know which one of our boats that you’d like to Charter here in Puerto Vallarta fishing we need to decide what would like to fish for. I get this question all the time. What are we going to catch and where are we going to fish. ?  This all depends on what time of the year that you come down for your vacation here in Mexico. Most of our clients like to come down in the winter months of November, December, January, February, March which can offer some really exciting fishing. During the winter months, we have some great fishing for sailfish mahi-mahi Marlin and much other game fish that we fish for here in Puerto Vallarta fishing. Most of these trips are for 8 hours as the pelagic fish will be roaming offshore and we need eight hours to get out where they’re feeding.  The bay here in Puerto Vallarta is one of the largest in the world.  The fall fishing is also really ridiculous good here offshore.   The  Bay fishing is some days even the tuna are right here inside the bay and make for incredible  Bay fishing is incredible during these months.  We have the yellowtail, mahi-mahi, Spanish mackerel that are feeding, roosterfish and even some of the Snapper. Some days even the tuna is right here inside the bay and make for spectacular  Bay fishing.

 marlin fishing in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta fishing summer months are also really great for fishing inside the bay we have a lot of the same action as the fall fishing but usually a lot more fish. If you’re coming to Puerto Vallarta fishing in the summertime and want to get out offshore for some of the big game then you’re looking at some of the blue marlin black marlin, sailfish, and mahi-mahi the fishing is incredible this time of the year for fishing offshore.

Now that you’ve decided to try Puerto Vallarta fishing how do you find a good boat?  Most people start on the internet.  You can look around and then of course look at some of the reviews. Best bet for finding a good charter boat is I would say look at the reviews and then their website. Then, of course, Facebook as that is where people that are posting pictures every day on Facebook or catching the fish. The best way to see if it’s a good match for you your family or friends is to call and speak with the owner or Captain.  Make sure they understand what you want to fish for, the right boat and last but not least a good crew. If you do this you will surely find the best fishing boat for you and family/friends. Here at Puerto Vallarta fishing, we offer a toll-free number 800 430 6048 to call us before you come down or book any boat.  You can speak with one of our Representatives., Captains or owners. Please send us an email or call our toll-free phone number before coming down to make sure we can get you out on the right boat at the right time for a fun day here in Puerto Vallarta fishing.

Capt. Pete

Puerto Vallarta fishing

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Puerto Vallarta Fishing with Captain Pete
Puerto Vallarta Fishing