Puerto Vallarta fishing report

Puerto Vallarta fishing report January

Puerto Vallarta fishing starting off with a bang here in Mexico for January 2020. We all had a incredible Christmas and fantastic New Year. The fishing in January is starting off right where we left off in December. The bay of Puerto Vallarta is  still having some warm waters and this means great fishing here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta for all kinds of pelagic fish.

puerto vallarta fishing report january

We’ve got some of the hard hitting striped Marlin showing up and really good numbers. The good eating mahi-mahi have been here for the last couple of months and have decided to stay as the water is still relatively warm for the winter months. The water is still warm enough to catch some blues and black marlin just have to get out there and look for the thermoclines. The thermoclines is where they are feeding.  We  have the satellite service we use tariffin which works great. This gives us the ability to know exactly where to go before the leaving the dock  and find the hot spots for fishing for our clients.

If you’re looking for yellowfin tuna and you’re going to need to run out towards the Corbetena and El  Banco. A 10 or 12 hr. trip is best for the big tunas. In the water it’s still warm enough to catch the yellowfin tuna here all along with other pelagic fish that they deep sea fishing trips like to catch offshore fishing. So if you’re looking for the Tunas be sure and check water temperatures before leaving the dock as this will save you a lot of time checking temperatures offshore.

puerto vallarta fishing report for january
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For those of you coming down this winter here in January the Bay fishing is just as good as it gets. The yellowtail are still producing a lot of fun and fast action for all the folks fishing here. We’re getting some of those skipjack tuna sometimes boiling on top of the water this is great for the fly fisherman that we’ve been taking out and folks that like to catch fish on the fly. . If you’re looking for fast fishing action we’ve got you covered here in the bay and beautiful Puerto Vallarta where are the friendliest people in the world live.

One of the great things that Puerto Vallarta has here in the winter or the arrival of the humpback whales. These majestic creatures come down every year late November all the way up to the end of March. They come here to out bay to  have their calves and then the other ones are to make more baby whales. For those of you that don’t know much about the humpback whales thet are around 20 tons and same ones that came here last year will come again the following years have their calves. The calves when they’re born about 3 tons and 12 ft long very beautiful to see playing here in the bay. So if you’re coming out on one of our offshore fishing trips or just staying here in the bay you’ll still have a chance to see these great humpback whales have play.

Hope to see everyone out there on the water tightlines

Captain Pete and Crews

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Puerto Vallarta fishing December 2019. We’re ending the year off with some incredible fishing.  Here are are catching sailfish Marlin, Dorado ,tuna are showing up and really good numbers. This is one of those months what are you going to say I wished I would have been there. The fishing is just that good right now in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. fishing in puerto vallarta december
If the winter weather is  too cold where you’re at or then fish come on down here in Puerto Vallarta as we have a spectacular weather, (80 deg. today ) incredible fishing all kinds of fish to fish for along with some best whale watching in the world. Right now and we have a couple of different options which are the bay fishing and the offshore fishing going for the big fish. puerto vallarta bay fishing
The inshore fishing as being producing some Rod bending action with the mahi mahi also known as Dorado they are ranging 10 up to around 25 lb. Mixed in with the mahi-mahi have been schools of Yellowtail  that are so much fun to catch.  Fast action that  will wear you out really quick. Along with these fish we’re seeing some sailfish mixed in some of the other pelagic fish right here in the beautiful Bay of Puerto Vallarta. The Puerto Vallarta deep sea fishing offshore is producing quite a few Marlin. Mostly black marlin and blue marlin ranging from 200 lbs up to 750 lbs.   We fished on the  larger sportfishing boat and went three for four on Marlin this week. There’s been plenty of sailfish out there when the Marlin weren’t biting. These two fish have kept us busy all week long for the offshore fishing and the water temperatures are holding steady around 82 deg. to keep this going. The mahi-mahi have been hitting some of our short lures like black Bart .  This been the call of the day and they’re working well on some of the short lines. We had a huge mahi-mahi that took a Marlin lure this yesterday what a fight.

Incredible whale video

As you can see from this Puerto Vallarta fishing report for December we have all kinds of action, the best weather in the Americas and some of the most incredible fishing in the Pacific Ocean. Come down and join us on one of our boats which range from 28 foot up to a hundred foot. You’re looking for the latest fishing report or prices you can shoot us a quick email vallartafishing@hotmail.com  call a toll-free number 800 430 6048  we are  always available.
Captain Pete and Crews